Do you find you have problem areas of the body where fat likes to hang out? Tried to remove this fat through traditional diet and exercise methods with little or no success? Contact us here at GBS Clinic Ltd to discuss our safe and successful liposuction treatments in Dublin. This is common procedure to remove the build-up of fat in specific areas of the body, and the results are clear to see. We will target all problem areas, removing fat to leave you with a finely sculptured body, and firmer looking skin.       

Liposuction is just one of the highly effective treatments we have to offer you  here at GBS Clinic Ltd. Book a consultation with us today and we will clearly explain the procedure and show you how amazing your body can look after a successful fat removal treatment. Specialising in liposuction for men or women through safe surgical procedures, we guarantee to improve your look with minimally-invasive treatments. Arrange your consultation with our expert surgeons today and contact us by calling 0035319081195.  

Say goodbye to love handles, bingo wings and tummy bulges - call today to arrange a no-obligation consultation and the best liposuction cost

There are a number of immediate benefits associated with abdominal liposuction and we target all key areas, including the upper and lower abdomen, the flanks, thighs and buttocks, arms and knees too. During the treatment, fat is safely removed using traditional liposuction techniques which are safe and proven. This involves making a tiny incision, inserting a small tube into the target area, before breaking down the fat using fluids, after which it is safely removed with a syringe or vacuum pump.             

The fat removed can be recycled as part of a transfer treatment. We can inject it into your breasts or buttocks for example, to enhance the shape and volume, leaving you with totally natural results. Reusing unwanted fat from a liposuction treatment is a sensible option if you are considering a breast enlargement, and it makes a good alternative to implants. Why not discuss this with us at GBS Clinic Ltd when you book your liposuction consultation? Call us today on 0035319081195.