Are you interested in enlarging your breasts? Would you like a breast lift or do you suffer from large breasts and think a breast reduction would help to ease daily aches and pains? At GBS Clinic Ltd in Dublin, Ireland, we can help you to feel better about your body and provide you with the breasts you have always wanted.

Our highly experienced surgeons have helped many women achieve the results they want through expert breast augmentation surgery. Find out more and arrange your consultation with our expert surgeons today.


Our Clinic

Our Medical Clinic

The treatment will be performed in one of the three major private hospital in Dublin, offering a range of surgical care to the highest possible standards. Here you will receive an outstanding level of service from some of the finest breast surgeons, all experts in the field of breast augmentation and reconstructive breast surgery. Boasting the finest facilities, The medical clinic offers a comprehensive breast practice and a range of other specialist surgery procedures.
The breast clinic delivers a one-stop service with full clinical evaluation by a specialist breast surgeon. Whatever the procedure you are thinking of, our highly skilled team are here to assist you at every single stage, to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. We have treated many women at our popular breast clinic and we are easy to find on Old Lucan Road here in Dublin. Why not make an appointment today to speak to one our expert breast surgeons? Get the figure you've always wanted!

Knowing Your Doctor

Your surgeon is a Consultant General and Reconstructive Breast surgeon, specialised in reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery. Trained in Ireland, also completed an oncology and aesthetic breast surgery fellowship in Melbourne , Australia.

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