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Women choose to reduce the size of their breasts for a number of reasons. Reducing the weight and the volume of the breasts can have significant benefits. Large and heavy breasts often cause a number of conditions such as back ache, neck ache and irritations to the skin. Fuller breasts can also create feelings of psychological discomfort, women often feel self conscious about their chest and feel like they are being stared at. We can assist you at GBS Clinic Ltd if you feel like you have oversized breasts.
Our breast reduction surgery in Dublin is completed by an expert surgeon and designed to help you get on with your life free from physical or psychological pain.


During a breast uplift, the breasts are lifted and shaped to make them look perkier. You can achieve a number of results with a breast uplift, the breasts often look fuller, firmer and younger. This is a popular procedure following a pregnancy, particularly where a baby has been breast fed. It's quite common for women to have this type of breast surgery when their breasts are drooping, sagging or affected by the force of gravity, typically caused by age. Having a breast uplift rectifies this problem and it's a common procedure carried out by us here at GBS Clinic Ltd.
Arrange an appointment to see one of our consultant surgeons and enjoy the perks of an uplifted cleavage.


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is another highly effective treatment we provide here at GBS Clinic Ltd. This process involves the use of liposuction to remove fats from problem parts of the body which are then injected into your breasts. A good alternative to implants, this is a useful breast augmentation process for women that want to achieve natural looking results, whilst gradually increasing their breast size. You can also transfer fat to the buttock regions to enhance the shape, appearance and volume of your posterior if required.
All of our fat transfer treatments are carried out by highly experienced surgeons and this minimally-invasive process is perfect if you want a fuller figure.